Food for thought

(as opposed to thoughts about food …)

Came across these this morning … the first one is pretty general but nicely presented …
The second one is from one of my heroes, Larry Lessig, the founder of Creative Commons, which we should all support.


We live in a rapidly changing world (how’s that for an original observation!), and for my part I don’t think it’s a lot of use to pull the covers over one’s head and wish it would all go away. I have friends who are in denial about digital communications, the Web, and so on, and I must admit that a lot of the stuff that shows up on my facebook page I immediately delete—I really don’t want to know the intimate details of my friends’ day to day life, I have enough trouble managing my own. As for their friends and “friends” it gets even less important unless they are doing something important or creative.

So there …

Still, I’m always open to new things—for instance, as a guitar player I was raised in the Jazz world, and that’s always been my main focus, along with an enduring love of Brazilian and Latin music. YouTube opened my eyes (and more importantly, my ears) to other styles. I listen with fascination to players like Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani—unbelievable dexterity and speed, yet always in the service of melody.

I used to play bass in an Afro-pop band, and became enamored of the great Soukous guitar masters. Flamenco, tapping techniques, effects, I love it all!

A guitar player who impresses me no end is John Scofield, who like myself is no respecter of musical boundaries or stereotypes. Every album is different—you can see why Miles Davis used him.

Well, that wandered around, didn’t it? One of those days …


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